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Facebook’s user base grows by eight people per second, or 7,246 people every 15 minutes

So here is the deal…. Direct Light is your Bar, restaurant, night club’s personal social media manager. Direct light will manage all your social media in one place, Facebook, Instagram etc etc. 



POST REGULARLY – this depends on how often you would like, across all platforms. Instagram, Facebook google business manager. We don’t do Twitter sorry it's not relevant and a waste of our time and your money


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – As part of our social media management package, the DL team will ensure no, comment, review or message goes unanswered. 


IMAGES – The DL photographer will capture your space and make it look great and our designers will look after any graphics to support up and coming events or occasions. 


So, what do we as

social media managers do?


PAID ADVERTISEMENT – Reach the right social media users in your area and show them what your business offers. The DL team will manage your social media advertisement accounts ensuring that the correct people see your ads and we keep the cost down.


SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND MANAGER – The DL team will appoint a brand manager to your account ensuring your brand shines brighter than any other!


PART OF THE PROCESS - the DL team will create a social media proposal outlining the services we recommend and associated costs


REPORTING - At the end of each month, you will receive a Social media report detailing the ups and downs of our efforts for the past month.


CHANNEL MANAGEMENT - Social media channel management, check we have it under control


THE COST - Social media management prices vary depending on the business. We haven’t come across a budget we couldn’t work with yet. We guarantee it will be more cost effective than Hire a social media manager. 


So forget Social media courses, social media consultancy, creating content, posting content, scheduling posts and all that other boring stuff, focus on managing your business and leave the rest up to the social media marketing experts.


Let's make your business
 stand out more.

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